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Using geodesic dome plans to build a greenhouse is a great diy project.

You can probably even winging it with the dome structure itself if you have a good understanding geometry and are precise with your work.

Instructions for making a "Bucky-Ball" are all over the net and this is the basis of the structure.

But turning your dome into a greenhouse is another thing entirely for that you need plans like you'll find inside "The Winter Harvest Handbook." by Eliot Coleman

Setting up a functioning greenhouse that won't fry your plants, requires specific knowledge that only comes from years of experience or a good set of plans.

I've seen far too many well meaning folks spend tons of time, energy and cash on making a greenhouse only to have it wind up an eye-sore in the back yard because they didn't understand what was needed to keep conditions inside optimal for the plants they wanted to grow.

Don't Be That Person!

So, you'll want to use the advice of someone who's been-there and done-that! Someone who's already built one and has geodesic dome plans that really work for you to use. Seriously, why reinvent the wheel.

I found this fellow named P.J. Baumbick who built his own geodesic dome greenhouse for pennies on the dollar. He shows you exactly how to make your very own bio-dome greenhouse.

He takes you step-by-step through the entire process using detailed explanations, photos, and even videos to give you an overview of the process.

Geodesic Dome Plans...
Good For Mathematically Challenged

And let's say you are good with geometry and have good diy skills. Do you know what's the best material to cover your dome with?

P.J. shares with you a material he discovered that's being used by greenhouse farmers way up north in Canada where it regularly drops to -22F during the winter. It keeps the heat in so well, that even when used on a standard greenhouse, they can harvest crops in their t-shirts with a blizzard blowing outside.

He shows you how to get your hands on this amazing stuff that's actually cheaper than glass, acrylic or anything else and how to easily cover your geodesic dome with it.

Mr. Baumbick's Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Videos
Also Shows You...

  • Step-by-step how he built a dome greenhouse in his backyard
  • How to work in the door after you have your frame built
  • How he built an aquaponics system right into his dome greenhouse
  • Where to place your growing beds
  • How he included automatic watering options into his greenhouse
Bottom line...  

V2 Geodesic Dome Strut & Hub Design is a must for anyone looking for geodesic dome greenhouse plans. With it you will avoid weeks or more of trial and error.

You will learn how to build a lovely, inexpensive wood greenhouse that will be as beautiful as it is functional. A structure that will last and provide food for you and your family for years to come.

WATCH THIS... Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Plans Make Building Your Biodome Easy, Fun & Inexpensive!

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