Building A Geodesic Dome Greenhouse In Your Backyard... Is It Hard?

"Is Building A Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Gonna Be Doable For Me?"  

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This is the first question in your mind once you fall in love with these cool dome shaped greenhouses.

BUT you see that unusual dome shape and assume it's complicated to put together or will take a big crew to pull off.

To answer this question I simply submit this SHORT video.  

(It's a time laps video compressing 4 hours into about one minute).  After you watch it, you decide if building a geodesic dome greenhouse is beyond your diy skills.

Well, what do you think?

If you have a set of geodesic dome greenhouse plans to guide you, like this fellow obviously did, do you think you can build a biodome in your backyard?

You bet'cha!

Of Course You Can Build A Dome Greenhouse!

Why, it'd be down-right easy to do.  Then YOU will be the go-to "guru" for the rest of your friends.  Because you know that once they see your cool new dome greenhouse they will all want one too.

Yep, you'll have the coolest (and most productive) toy on the block.

A Dome Greenhouse Let's You
Enjoy Your Own Tropical Paradise
Download Your Plans Here
And just imagine...

Your dome effortlessly shaking off the three feet of snow that fell during the night.

It'll always be there, just waiting for you to stroll on out to your very own PRIVATE TROPICAL OASIS to enjoy lunch, coffee or a spot of tea.

Heck, there's even a couple who built a deck right in the middle of their geodesic greenhouse so that in the winter they can set up lawn chairs and...


How much fun would it be for you...

Even In Winter, to be able to share your SURPLUS FRESH VEGETABLES with your family, friends or even sell them to the local organic market?

All It Takes To Make Your Dome Greenhouse A Reality Is
YOUR VISION & A Good Set Of Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Plans


The vision you already have...

And P.J. Baumbick has put together a great set of geodesic dome greenhouse plans for you.

P.J. shows you exactly how to easily construct your bio-dome, step-by-step. He'll take you through each and every step with detailed explanations, pictures, and even VIDEOS that show you what he did when he built his own dome greenhouses.

I don't know about you but "I" learn lots faster when I can SEE SOMEONE DOING IT instead of just reading instructions.

Of all the Dome Greenhouse Plans I've researched Mr. Baumbick's are the easiest to use, easiest on your pocket book and most complete.

 Photo Credit Wonderlane on Flickr.com

WATCH THIS... Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Plans Make Building Your Biodome Easy, Fun & Inexpensive!

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